Due to the continued influence of the coronavirus, the epidemic prevention and disinfection robot industry has become popular, and Linko Electric's products are vying to be adopted by disinfection robot manufacturers.

Linko's LP24 series products have successfully met the user's technical requirements for power connectors and data connectors for epidemic prevention and disinfection robots. The power connector is used to charge the robot when it returns to the designated position when the battery is insufficient; the data connector is used to retrieve various data such as environmental data and operating status collected by the robot during the on-site disinfection and sterilization process, and to adjust the internal adjustment of the machine.

Epidemic prevention and disinfection robots, as a category of intelligent robots that have grown rapidly during the epidemic, have played a very good role in serving epidemic prevention, disinfection and sterilization. It can be predicted that with the construction and strengthening of disinfection and hygiene awareness, both during and after the epidemic, disinfection robots will have a lot of market space in the future.

The field of robotics has always been the strategic development direction of Linko Electric. Linko has been cooperating with related robot industry partners for a long time to increase the research and development of industrial connector products for the robot field, and serve the global epidemic prevention and disinfection robot industry with high-fit solutions and high-quality products