The 20th Munich Shanghai Electronics Show will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center from April 14th to 16th, 2021. Lingke Electric is here as scheduled and will go to the event with you.


The Munich Shanghai Electronics Show, gathering the forefront of the industry

Munich Shanghai Electronics Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition is the leading exhibition of the Asian electronics manufacturing industry, bringing together domestic and foreign electronics manufacturing equipment manufacturers, focusing on precision electronics production equipment and manufacturing assembly services, and demonstrating core electronics manufacturing technologies. The scope of exhibits covers the entire electronics manufacturing industry chain, including connector manufacturing and wire harness processing, electronics manufacturing automation, industrial robots, electronics and chemical materials, component manufacturing, etc. It is the Asian electronics smart manufacturing industry to create solutions from materials, equipment to application technology A professional display platform spanning the upstream and downstream of the industry. The annual Munich Shanghai Electronics Show is recognized by the electronics industry as the most influential professional electronics exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region. 

CNLINKO will join hands with the Red Dot Award for new products to appear at the exhibition

As a high-end industrial connector brand manufacturer, CNLINKO will bring the 2021 German Red Dot Design Award-winning product-CNLINKO BD24 industrial waterproof connector to the event. CNLINKO BD24 series products have a number of invention patents in China, the United States and Germany. With their humanized design concepts and excellent performance characteristics, they stand out from more than 6000 participating products in more than 60 countries around the world. Welcome new and old customers to the scene In-depth understanding.


At that time, CNLINKO's new product representative: YM24 industrial waterproof connector will also be unveiled simultaneously. Deep waterproof, unique innovative three-point locking structure, backstop, anti-loosening design of the nut, no fear of external vibration and other advantages, make YM24 widely used in large-scale industrial equipment, and various wading working environments.


In addition, CNLINKO's classic products LP series, hot-selling products DH series, DZ series, etc., will also all meet with customers at the exhibition.


Interactive communication and discussion of connections

CNLINKO has been deeply involved in the waterproof connector industry for 17 years. CNLINKO products, with unique design concepts, are in their own right. We look forward to meeting new and old customers at the Munich Shanghai Electronics Show, sharing the latest products and cutting-edge application technologies, and discussing and communicating industry trends and developments.