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CNLINKO is a leader in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-performance circular interconnect systems for applications requiring high system reliability for power and signaling applications. We offer a wide range of ruggedized and waterproof electronic connector solutions designed for a variety of applications.
Product Features:
Dust Resistant
Vibration resistant
Salt water environment
Suitable for outdoor environments, etc.



M16 Connectors

M16 connectors are circular designed for industrial and commercial applications where a robust and secure electrical connection is required.
M16 connectors are commonly used in industries such as automation, manufacturing, transportation, and telecommunications, where secure and durable electrical connections are essential for maintaining smooth operations. The necessary larger size and rugged design are ideal for applications requiring high power or signal transmission capabilities.


Plug & unplug self-locking system

CNLINKO's waterproof connectors are connected with the original fast plug and unplug self-locking system. To effectively resist vibration and shock and prevent broken connections caused by pulling cables. It is absolutely reliable and convenient to plug in very limited space. Fast clip connections make connections easier and more convenient.
Weatherproof, Stable & Secure
Stable power supply & signal transmission connection.
Excellent waterproof performance
Rigid spring snap fastening self-locking device waterproof ring is well water-resisting.
Ensure that your industrial equipment works well without being affected.

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