Ambilight LED is stealing the limelight with a “shining appearance”, but we cannot ignore the role played by peripheral supporting products, including connectors, behind the scenes. We will introduce the application of Linko connectors in 9 LED subdivisions in 9 phases. Today we will introduce the application on LED display large screen for our first phase.

The large display screens mainly include outdoor large screens (commercial circle building publicity large screens), indoor large screens (large display screens for information display in stations, banks, hospitals, etc.), and large display screens for industrial scenes, and these all need signal connectors. Linoko M20/M24 and YT series signal connector are suitable for these scenarios. All of our connectors built-in industrial grade, and reach IP67 waterproof grade, the wide temperature range is between -25℃~+80℃, and they also have salt spray corrosion resistance, they can adapt to the harsh environment requirements of outdoor scenes and industrial scenes. The gold-plated copper pin is convenient for high-speed signal transmission, optional 10A, 500V/5A, 250V and meet the electrical technical index requirements.