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Under the pressure of the greenhouse effect and environmental protection, all countries are promoting the development of new energy and new energy application industries. In China, new energy is regarded as one of the strategic emerging industries to accelerate the cultivation and development, with great prospects, and the demand for connectors is diversified and growing rapidly. CNLINKO's connectors are widely used in photovoltaics, wind power, solar energy, energy storage, inverters, electric vehicles, electric bicycles, charging piles and other fields.


Designed for the new energy industry to meet of a wide range of applications.

Full range of connectors to choose from, including battery connectors, high current connectors, and a wide selection of circular or bayonet connectors;

Ideal for outdoor applications with protection ratings from IP65~IP68;

Small MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) to help you reduce inventory and avoid market risk;

Accept OEM & ODM orders to meet your customization needs;

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New energy continues to hot , why is this industrial connector frequently hit by solar photovoltaic manufacturers?
In recent years, the global installed capacity of photovoltaic has shown a sharp growth trend, and photovoltaic new energy is expected to become the core force in the new energy echelon. For the application of photovoltaic new energy, safety and efficiency and reliability are the most concerned points. The thousands of connectors in each photovoltaic system are one of the key links. So what kind of connector can better meet the technical requirements of photovoltaic power stations?
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