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Medical Connectors

Medical Connectors

Medical connectors are essential for various medical electronic devices, facilitating reliable connectivity in fields like diagnosis, patient monitoring, surgery, and dental applications. 


Connector Options:
Circular (plastic and metal)
Quick Installation, Easy Operation
High Waterproofing, Liquid Resistance
High Corrosion Resistance
Lightweight and easy to use
Waterproof sealing up to IP68
Sealing options available
Customized connector features
Customized Connectors
Ergonomic and intuitive locking system
We provide proven, quality, and innovative connectivity solutions, continually adapting our products to future needs while meeting customer requirements. We utilize application-specific expertise to design and manufacture superior connectors that ensure optimal performance, durability, and safety.

In medical applications

In Diagnosis and Imaging: CNLINKO connectors provide reliable connections for precision imaging devices like endoscopes and MRI machines.
In Medical Monitoring: Connectors ensure stable connections for patient monitoring equipment in various medical applications.
In Therapeutic Equipment: Connectors withstand harsh environments, ensuring efficient signal transmission for therapeutic devices.
CNLINKO's high-reliability medical connectors ensure the performance and safety of medical devices, supporting the industry's development and patients' health.

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