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Waterproof Connector Supplier

A waterproof connector is a connector that prevents water from entering the wires and prevents electrical problems such as short circuits between terminals even when the connector is exposed to water.

Uses of Waterproof Connectors

Waterproof connectors are used in places where a large amount of electrical wiring is required and where water and dust resistance are required. For example, they are used for products that are stored in the rain or used in the rain, such as automobiles and motorcycles.
In addition, it is also used for products that use large amounts of cutting oil, which are often exposed to humidity, machine tools that produce large amounts of chips, and ships that may be exposed to seawater. They are also often used in machines used in clean rooms, such as semiconductor machines.

Our capabilities and services

Manufacturing of industrial waterproof connectors and cable assemblies for automation, marine, and industrial applications.
OEM / ODM and complete solution services
In-house design and customized manufacturing to ensure short lead times
Outsourcing of related parts and assembly services

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