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LP-20-12 pin plastic + metal circular wire-to-wire waterproof aviation plug connector
Main product parameters
Product seriesProduct sizeProduct Pin NumberCurrentVoltage Degree of protection
LP seriesM2012 Pin5A250V IP65/IP67/IP68
Main product parameters
Product seriesProduct sizeProduct Pin Number
LP seriesM2012 Pin
CurrentVoltage Degree of protection
5A250V IP65/IP67
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Product characteristics

12 Pin Round Connector

A 12-pin round connector is an electrical connector with twelve circular pins or contacts that are used for transmitting electrical signals, power, or data. These connectors come in various sizes and configurations, and their usage can vary depending on the specific application.


4U Gold Plating Terminals
Real Gold Plating, Strong Conductivity Without Oxidize, Extend Service Life
International Certification
We have passed a number of domestic and international certifications, such as China CQC (former CCC), Germany TUV, and USA UL. Multiple certificates are for your protection.
Current 5-20A Optional
Different Pin number meets different current and will meet power and signal used at the same time.
Application Cases of Security Equipment
Monitoring system, Information Security Door, Outdoor video monitor


12-pin round connectors are used in a variety of applications, including:
Audio and Video: They are commonly found in the audio-visual industry for connecting cameras, microphones, and other audio or video equipment.
Industrial Control: In industrial settings, these connectors may be used for connecting sensors, control systems, and machinery.
Automotive: Some automotive applications require 12-pin round connectors for power distribution, lighting, or data connections.
Medical Equipment: In the medical field, these connectors can be used in medical devices and diagnostic equipment.


Our wide range of circular connectors is always the ideal solution
Reliable transmission of signals, data, and power thanks to plastic + metal housing
Savings in connection times through innovative connection solutions for devices with all industry-standard protection classes
The high degree of flexibility for individual adaptation to your requirements.

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