In late July, as the country’s economic adjustments were driven inwardly, all walks of life under the epidemic faced both difficulties and opportunities. The epidemic is like a "big wave scouring the sand" for companies. The competition among homogenized companies is intensifying. Companies without strong strength can easily fall away, especially in the fast-developing industrial connector field.

Faced with the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, CNLINKO handed over his answer sheet in the face of the "epidemic".

Quality is the confidence of self-improvement

CNLINKO, as a service provider focusing on industrial connector solutions for 16 years, has shown the charm of professional quality in the face of the epidemic, adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, and the quality policy of "quality first; technology leader; customer first, timely delivery" , Serving every customer. CNLINKO products all comply with the testing standards of international standard certification bodies, and have obtained UL, TUV, CE, CQC, ROSH and other international certification certificates.

In the "epidemic" situation, CNLINKO made timely market strategy adjustments and deployments. When everyone was still discussing the "stall culture" in April and May, CNLINKO people were already in full swing to produce products for customers, and the quality of the products was demanding. Requirements, no slack, always maintain the original intention of the craftsman spirit, keep improving, to ensure that every piece of the customer is the best product.

Technology is a "weapon" for self-reliance

Technological innovation is always one step faster. CNLINKO has always insisted on innovation as the company’s largest investment. CNLINKO has a powerful laboratory and testing room, a professional R&D team, a stable and reliable management process, and rigorous supply chain management. From product development to quality control Continually innovate in aspects such as, process flow, management concept, etc. to optimize products and services.

With the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, CNLINKO developed and designed new connection solutions for the medical industry in accordance with industry big data and social needs. CNLINKO's innovation is based on the long-term accumulation and continuous exploration of technology, and caters to the ever-changing needs of the market, continuously creating unique products and solutions, and providing customers with more value-added and innovative waterproof connectors.

Working together is self-reliance

Coming from all quarters and gathering talents from all sides, CNLINKO people strive for the same goal, work together to make high-performance waterproof connectors, and help each other to make progress. CNLINKO provides a platform for practical guidance, motivation, and promotion of employees' full participation and career development, and grow together hand in hand. The simplicity and dedication of CNLINKO people have not only won the credibility certificates issued by the industry associations, but also won the recognition and favor of market customers.

Although the outbreak of the new crown epidemic was caught off guard, just a shout, CNLINKO people can gather and respond to the call of the country and the government at the first time, and only contribute to fighting the virus and building a healthy and harmonious society; to keep the promises of customers, Under the epidemic situation, working overtime and fighting hard to maintain quality and quantity, and live up to the trust of customers.

CNLINKO is self-improving in the “epidemic” environment, and successfully completed the established market indicators in the middle of the year.