Icebergs are disappearing, the living homes of polar bears and penguins are being engulfed by seawater, and air pollution has caused a sharp increase in respiratory diseases. To make other species on the earth no longer disappear, and for the better life of mankind in the future, the world is reducing the use of fossil fuels, reducing environmental pollution, and all countries are advocating and encouraging new energy use.

In recent years, the electric vehicle industry is very popular, because the world encourages the development of new energy vehicles and strengthens environmental protection. Tesla, which started with smart electric vehicles, is now the top one in the global electric vehicle industry. Recently, China's Xiaomi, Huawei and other large-scale technology companies have also started to build cars. After all, in the context of environmental protection and energy conservation and emission reduction, new energy vehicles are the mainstream of future automotive development. 

In recent years, industries with new energy have developed well. In addition to electric vehicles, the solar photovoltaic power generation industry is also a "sunrise industry" with the rapid growth of industrial scale. The IEA expects photovoltaic power to provide 11% of global electricity by 2050.

Due to the particularity of the working environment of the solar photovoltaic system, the requirements of the hardware in the system are more stringent. Photovoltaic power generation devices are all in the outdoor environment, even worse in the wilderness. Wind, rain, sun, frost and other service environments, which greatly test the reliability and safety of photovoltaic power generation system. At this time, the connector must meet the requirements of waterproof, dust-proof, high and low-temperature impact resistance, earthquake resistance, anti loosening, etc. 

Linko Electric’s LP20 series connector is used by some overseas users on the charging or discharging port of the power storage panel in the solar photovoltaic system. It plays the role of the power connector in the two processes of transmitting the power generated by solar energy to the battery and transmitting the power in the battery to the users.