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CNLINKO Waterproof Connector: Technology is the first, innovation leads development

Date:2020-08-15    source:admin

CNLINKO has been deeply involved in the waterproof connector industry for 16 years, and the brand has continued to grow and develop, thanks to our strict quality and persistence, high standards and persistent pursuit of product development. The spirit of craftsmanship has always been CNLINKO's value concept for customized development solutions for industrial waterproof connectors and wiring harnesses. To achieve excellence, we can win the market, be respected, and obtain honor.

High-tech refers to a country, a region, or an enterprise that has advanced technology in a certain field and can use this technology to contribute to society. CNLINKO has been a national high-tech enterprise for many years. This is the national and social recognition of CNLINKO brand and product technology. We will continue to make our contribution to customers and society

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(CNLINKO high-tech enterprise certificate)

Reputation is the soul of an enterprise's survival, and an enterprise cannot survive without its reputation. CNLINKO has always adhered to the survival philosophy of prestige, customers, quality, and service, and constantly beats itself, striving to achieve a win-win goal for customers, employees, partners and society. CNLINKO has obtained the "AAA" level credit enterprise issued by China Electronic Components Industry Association. This is our recognition and requirement. We must uphold this concept to serve our customers.

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(CNLINKO "AAA" Level Credit Enterprise Certificate)

Innovation is the driving force for the development of an enterprise and the fundamental guarantee for the development of a national enterprise; the absence of innovation in an enterprise is like a boat in the ocean without the driving force for progress, and it will always be submerged by the sea. CNLINKO has always insisted on innovation as the company's largest investment, in terms of product research and development, quality control, process flow, management concepts and other aspects of continuous innovation, optimizing products and services in order to better serve customers. CNLINKO has also obtained a large number of innovative invention certificates, which is our honor.

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(CNLINKO invention patent certificate)

A utility model is one of "inventions, utility models, and designs". It refers to a new technical solution suitable for practical use proposed for the shape, structure or combination of the product. The actual value is great, so the utility model is commonly called As a "small invention". After years of development and accumulation, CNLINKO has obtained many utility model patents, which effectively protects our technology and intellectual property rights.

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(CNLINKO utility model patent certificate)

Charity is a powerful demonstration of corporate social love activities. CNLINKO has been committed to social welfare activities during its development for 16 years, especially for the Children’s Fund and the Association of Children with Autism. Every year, it organizes caring activities and loving donations. CNLINKO has been pursuing the values, and hopes to spread these values to the society, so that more people in need can get love and make them believe that "as long as there is love, there is always heaven."

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(CNLINKO Caring Enterprise Certificate)

Industry associations have also played a very important role in the development of our company. They often provide industry national policies, industry information, industry latest technology, etc. for reference for our company. CNLINKO also occupies an important position in the industry associations.

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(Certificate of Director Unit of CNLINKO Industry Association)

Product qualification certification is a powerful guarantee for customers to use CNLINKO waterproof connectors. All products made by CNLINKO comply with the testing standards of international standard certification bodies, and have obtained UL, TUV, CE, CQC, ROSH and other international certification certificates.

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(CNLINKO RoHs-UL certificate)

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(CNLINKO CE-CQC certificate)

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