Recently, the 2021 winners of the German Red Dot Design Award, one of the world’s three major design awards, were officially announced. CNLINKO BD24 series products successfully broke through from more than 6000 participating products in more than 60 countries around the world. Ideas, innovative performance, styling quality, ergonomics, durability, environmental protection and other items were selected. In the end, dozens of professional judges from various countries were conquered and won the Red Dot Award for product design this year!


The German Red Dot Design Award is one of the top awards in global industrial design. Together with the IF Design Award and the IDEA Design Award, it is called the world's three major design awards. It has always been the highest honor in the minds of designers. The works that received this honor often represent the most cutting-edge professional technology and the most forward-looking trend of ideas.

1. Innovative design concept, blooming industrial aesthetics

CNLINKO BD24 series products can win this honor, first of all lies in its outstanding design concept. In the past 17 years, CNLINKO has been tirelessly pursuing multiple innovations that keep pace with technology, connotation and quality in product design, and has created more practical products based on customer needs.

1. Integrated snap design

Integrated snap design, stable connection, fast plugging and unplugging. BD24's innovative snap-button design can be firmly locked without falling off; one-key push-in and easy pull-out.


2. Innovative structure, saving space

Careful structural design saves external space and reduces the distance between the installation panel and the exposed product.


3. Streamlined appearance, more convenient to use

The integrated streamlined appearance design shows high-end atmosphere; at the same time, the hump design and push-pull connection method adopted are ergonomic, more suitable for use, and more convenient for operation.


4. Precision design, tensile and pressure resistance

Strictly selected zinc alloy shell material, dozens of parts are precisely occluded, simplifying complexity, tensile and pressure resistance.


2. Performance and practicality coexist, creating a perfect connection

In the selection criteria of the German Red Dot Award, product performance and practical functions are one of the key items considered by the judging experts. CNLINKO BD24 series products, performance and practicality coexist, both internally and externally.

1. Superior protection level

In the connected state, it can reach IP65/IP67/IP68 protection level, and the waterproof performance is stronger.


2. High-standard material selection to escort the equipment

The product is selected with gold-plated copper needles, which has more stable conductivity and higher safety factor, which can escort customer equipment.


3. Two different connection methods to meet different practical connections

3 core lock wire type, 2-24 core welding wire type, two connection methods to meet different connection requirements.


4. Industrial-grade protection, no fear of application environment

Metal type, flame retardant and compressive; plastic type, salt spray and corrosion resistant, without fear of a variety of harsh application environments.


3. Multiple applications and unbounded connections

CNLINKO BD24 series products have a rich selection of inner cores, 2 cores, 3 cores and multiple cores, RJ45, optical fiber, USB, HDMI connectors, which can meet the diversified use of power, data, and signals. At the same time, it can also develop and design connectors and wires according to the actual needs of customers, and provide connection solutions.


The BD24 series of products can be used in medical equipment, communication equipment, automation equipment, lighting equipment, 5G equipment and other application fields, and are suitable for various complex and harsh environment scenarios, and efficiently help terminal equipment to connect safely, stably and quickly.

4. New beauty and new blooms, innovation never stops

 This time, CNLINKO won the German Red Dot Award in 2021, showing the unique charm of its CNLINKO products. At the same time, it also marks CNLINKO's peace of mind, safety, excellent product quality, and intelligent design. It is not only loved by users, but also won The most authoritative international certification.


New beauty, new bloom. CNLINKO has demonstrated the belief of seeking change with innovation and approaching users with design, and will always continue to break through the mindset through product innovation and provide better products and services to customers around the world.