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Product characteristics

Zero-based wiring for better understanding of newbies

LP16 Series 2/3 pole Wire Screwing type waterproof connector

IP68 Waterproof | Push Button Connection | Easy Wiring | Gold Plated Solid Core | Classic Design  

Screwing are now available for faster and easier wiring

LP16 series 2/3 pole waterproof connector locking screw model new, for engineers to bring simple and fast wiring new program, no difficulty in operation, wiring a step faster

Snap-on plug-and-play connections for faster connections

Adopting one-touch button connection locking design, one-handed plugging and unplugging, connecting more efficiently and quickly, easier to operate
Ergonomic design / Better grip Push-in at the touch of a button / Self-locking and secure Single-handed operation / Simple and convenient     One-touch plugging and unplugging / Fast and efficient

IP68 Waterproof

CNLINKO LP16 connectors (IP68) are able to resist air pressure of 0.5-0.7Mpa and water pressure<0.03Mpa for 60 minutes
For continuous immersion and harsh conditions, IP68 waterproof is recommended

1700 times of plugging and unplugging test, much higher than 500 times of conventional standards

Linear Technology adopts 1700 times plugging and unplugging standard
After 1700 times of plugging and unplugging, its plugging and unplugging force and contact resistance are basically unchanged, only slight wear and tear does not affect the use

Outstanding performance in harsh environments

Selection of high-performance, high-quality raw materials|Industrial-grade design|Precision manufacturing

Real core, real gold plating, electrical transmission, “full run”

Real core, real gold plating, electrical transmission, “full run”

Diversified installation and more flexible choice

The product contains: single-hole threaded seat, four-hole flange seat and wire-to-wire three installation modes, users can choose their own options, differentiation to meet the needs of more application scenarios

The delicate touch of skin is the craftsmanship that can be seen by touching the hands

The casing is either made of high-quality plastic molding or alloy surface treatment, bringing a delicate touch like skin, which is the craftsmanship that can be seen by touch, and this is the quality of Zing-tech that strives for excellence

With authoritative certificates, the products are more trustworthy

The products are certified by UL, TUV, CQC, etc., and comply with RoHS, REACH, CE standards, etc., which makes the quality more trustworthy and the use more at ease.

LP16 Series 2/3 pole screwing type connectors product display

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