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With the star products to Germany exhibition, connector technology has been recognized

Date:2017-08-24    source:admin

April 24, 2017, -4 28, Ling Electrical Co., Ltd. went to Germany to participate in the German Hannover industrial exhibition. As everyone knows, Germany's leading manufacturing technology level in the world, the international professional exhibition Cnlinko German industry to participate in the prestigious, fully proved Lingke Electric brand strength, has the very high attainments in the field of connector. Cnlinko electrical connector industry for many years in the plough, create a lot of star products, loved and accepted by the customers at home and abroad. This time, the company's star products show at the exhibition, showing great achievements in China's industrial technology, and making foreign friends eye opener.



The Hannover industrial exhibition in Germany is the largest industrial fair in the world. The meta advanced technology in various industrial fields, leading the innovation and development of the world industry, has become the most widely used international trade and Industry Exhibition for the global industrial trade Flagship Exhibition and influence, is the world's industrial development of the event. Also, as the leading brand Chinese connector, Lingke invited to participate in the exhibition, is welcomed, but also the strength caused by.



(German exhibition site)


Germany, we all know, "German made" cars, kitchen appliances, etc., thanks to the advanced manufacturing technology and technology in germany. As a synonym for the field of the top connector, connector manufacturing department is also the top level Ling, Ling Department of products through the CCC, UL, CE, ROHS, ISO9001 certification, obtained 30 patents, was named the "national high tech enterprise".



(Cnlinko Booth: No. 11, F57)


Only a good manufacturing equipment is not enough, as the domestic enterprises in the forefront of connector brand, the company has put a lot of resources in R & D, and created a first-class and powerful laboratory testing room. At the same time, Ling has a professional development team, stable and reliable management processes, strict quality management. Lead the domestic connector industry technology development, internationalization stage.  




(Customers and Ling staff exchange products)


To enhance the product power of Ling Ke Electric is the subject of study continuously. Ling, focus on the production of high performance connector products for 13 years, to provide high-end connectivity solutions for the enterprise, shouldering the manufacturing Chinese good products, deepening innovation connector and R & D technology, continue to promote the development of the connector industry, and to win market recognition and affirmation. The future, Lingke will continue to adhere to the safety, scientific research, management, construction of excellent connectors, create value for customers, create opportunities for employees, create profits for shareholders, creating wealth for the society, do love the world, national brands respected and industry-leading.

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