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We invite you to attend the 2017 Hannover German Industrial Fair

Date:2017-08-24    source:admin


2017 Hannover Messe, is currently the world's largest industrial exhibition (Hannover industrial exposition after HANNOVER MESSE) a blend of various industrial fields, leading the innovation and development of the world industry, become worthy of the name "barometer of industrial development in the world".

In the course of 60 years of development, HANNOVER MESSE has shown its adaptability to the tide, and has now become the Flagship Exhibition of global industrial trade and the most influential international trade exhibition!


Cnlinko is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to developing high performance connector products. The company has dozens of patents and international authority certification. We will take the connector technology to the forefront of the world, and make the brand in every corner of the world with good quality and stable quality.

Company products are widely used in the connector LED display equipment, audio-visual equipment, stage lighting, LED lighting engineering, industrial automation equipment, electrical equipment, electric power, signal and data of heavy industrial equipment and other fields connected.

The Hannover industrial fair, Ling branch will bring the company's full range of products unveiled to meet you. The general situation of the product line is as follows:


Cnlinko in this exhibition will showcase, products, applications, connections, display and close contact with you, with a full range of technology, use, industry suitability for your personal solution. Give each client the most in place and the most comprehensive service available.

Here, we hope to join hands with our friends and work together to create a better business structure.


Exhibition date: 2017 04 - 28 - 24

Venue: Hannover Exhibition Center, Germany

Ling electrical booth No. 11: Hall F57

Sponsor: Hannover exhibition company, Germany

Hannover industrial fair looks forward to seeing you......

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