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BD24 Zinc Alloy 12AWG 22A Male Plug 3 Pin Circular Connectors

Date:2020-09-09    source:admin

1. Spring-pressed design, tightly docked, safe and secure.
2. The orientation is strong, and blind insertion can be realized, and the humanized design in the true sense.
3. 3 core lock screws optional connection, fully compatible with outdoor installation work.
4. Gold-plated contacts, high corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity, effectively coping with changes in temperature rise caused by current.
5.Thermoplastic high temperature resistant plastic case, stable electrical performance, high strength, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
6. Unique docking design, solid extension of infinite line length.
7. Stable and impeccable, threaded single hole housing installation, suitable for circular opening industrial installation.
8. The product complies with IP67 protection in the assembled state.


Connecting modeLatching Lock connect
Protection levelIP67
Cable specification14-12AWG
Diameter range/
Contact diameter×QtyΦ3.0×3
Current rating(A)20A
Operating voltage(AC.V.rms)500V
Withstand voltage(AC.V)1min2500V
Contact resistance<1mΩ
Insulation resistance>500MΩ
Durability≥500 mating&unmating cycles
Temperature rating-40°C~80°C
Method of connecting cableSolder
Prevent the combustion levelUL94-V0
Shell&insulated partsHigh performance engineering plastics
Hardware metalZinc alloy(pearl hard chromium)
Contact pinCopper alloy(gold-plated)
SpringStainless steel
SealingSilica gel
Main characteristics
Sealed against dust and fluid (IP65/IP67)
Vibration resistance,impact resistance,stretching resistance
fast locking connecting; socket with cover
Application industries
Stage equipment - The smart grid
Medical equipment - Server
Solar energy equipment - Ship equipment
Electric power equipment - Vehicle equipment
Communications equipment - Heavy machinery

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