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"DI ZI GUI" knowledge contest and monthly excellent staff awards conference complete success

Date:2017-08-24    source:admin

Rules, sage training; first filial piety, would like to believe; pan loving public, and benevolence; with us, to learn the." With the sound of stage music, the "knowledge competition of Zi regulations" held in April 28th was officially launched.

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(The host made a speech)


The "DI ZI GUI" knowledge competition, the participants are mainly composed of various departments elite, a total quality, Finance + market, assembly, domestic trade, foreign trade + channels, engineering, injection + wire and PMC+ warehouse eight teams. Knowledge competition is divided into four parts: answer questions, grab answers, understand the full text and share experience.



(Part of the contestant)

"Crown suit, there is positioning; next sentence is what, please answer," the host voice has just fallen, contestants will be able to fluently and accurately answer, won the audience audience of applause. Stage performance wonderful, applause from the audience again and again. Only in person can experience the tense match, and the audience's warm atmosphere, especially in the rush to answer questions, on the field, raise your hand to answer the battle cry. Each player is scrambling for fear of being caught in the lead.



(Grab the answer to the scene)

The competition intense but orderly manner, players are fluent and accurate answer to Ancient Chinese Literature Search classic familiar in the heart, visible under the foot work. In the share link, is brilliant, reminds us of the past, brings us to the parents, teachers, helped them gratitude, let us learn to Thanksgiving in life. Let every audience empathy, causing the audience cheers.



(Part of the contestant)

With the end of the sharing experience, the scoring awards ceremony culminated in the whole activity and won applause. It is worth mentioning that, "disciple regulation" competition activities, winners and monthly outstanding staff at the same time awards, the company leader for the winners and outstanding staff awards.



(Disciple's first prize winning team took pictures with the leaders)


(Monthly outstanding staff presentation)

Ling Department organized the "DI ZI GUI" knowledge contest aims to promote the staff of "benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and faith" learning, guide the staff Zonta is still good. This is also in line with the "healthypersonality, Lingke products that character" business philosophy, to promote the employee's culture at the same time, the product to achieve excellence, create more value for society, customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.

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