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Date:2020-08-29    source:admin

"City" is aspirational. If you are a city person, you must feel it: Today's cities are getting larger and larger and more densely populated. Cities are facing many challenges. How to make transportation more convenient? Air is more convenient. High quality? More orderly public security? Urban people have too many expectations, and this is the problem facing the sustainable development of cities. In order to alleviate the contradiction between urbanization and limited resources, people are committed to seeking innovative ways. Create a new urban ecology.

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Relying on innovative technologies, "Smart City" strives to achieve more efficient operation of infrastructure, so as to make cities more livable and benefit people, and promote efficient management and sustainable development of cities.

In China, the process of urbanization is accelerating. The “new infrastructure” proposed by the National Development and Reform Commission in April 2020 will provide new impetus for China’s post-epidemic economic growth and at the same time empower the development of smart cities. The new infrastructure relies on innovative technologies to achieve physical and digital interconnection, which is also the foundation of smart cities. This shows that new infrastructure and smart city construction are complementary.

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In the context of new infrastructure, in order to cope with the many challenges faced by the city, CNLINKO Electric has joined forces with ecological partners to combine expertise in digital and technology to promote the transformation and upgrading of infrastructure, especially in power grids, buildings, transportation and Manufacturing and other core areas of urban development make it operate more efficiently, reliably and sustainably, thereby creating a livable urban ecology for people. In order to ensure the safe operation of various infrastructure facilities in a safe, stable and convenient way, CNLINKO electrical waterproof connectors are highly efficient for applications in various infrastructure scenarios. Both power connection applications and infrastructure signal data connection applications can provide corresponding solutions.

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Digital innovation unlocks the development of urban transportation. CNLINKO Electric's more intelligent transportation solutions enable imagination to enter reality, promote inter-city interconnection, and light up urban life. The urban intelligent driving system equipment needs accurate and quick judgment and transmission of information, so that various vehicles can operate effectively and reasonably. However, the precise command system is often exposed to the junctions of traffic hubs and is exposed to the sun and rain. The high-quality waterproof connectors of CNLINKO are resistant to high temperature, waterproof and sunscreen, which effectively solves the power, signal and data connections of various infrastructure equipment. problem. At the same time, a variety of connection operation methods (welding connection mode, lock wire connection mode, riveting connection mode) can provide excellent solutions for diversified infrastructure scenarios.

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(CNLINKO LP-20 series are used in urban intelligent transportation systems)

In response to the “new infrastructure” proposed by the National Development and Reform Commission as the development direction of smart cities, CNLINKO Electric has established long-term strategic cooperation with a number of information, data and urban infrastructure companies in order to build a green and smart city in the new era.

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