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CNLINKO connector, fighting against floods and taking the lead

Date:2020-08-27    source:admin

At present, China has entered the flood season in an all-round way. Since June, 250 rivers have experienced over-alarm or above floods, accounting for 92% of all over-alert rivers. Especially the southern region has experienced multiple rounds of heavy rainfall and floods have occurred in many places. More than 12 million people were affected by the disaster. In the next two months, the rain belt will gradually move to the north, and the south will enter the "typhoon season". River floods may occur frequently, which is a critical period for flood control.

cnlinko YM-20 waterproof connector (1).jpg

(Soldiers rescued the dike situation)

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, my country's flood defense work has gradually changed the past "human sea tactics" thinking. While ensuring the safety of the lives and property of the disaster-stricken people, it must also ensure the safety of flood fighting personnel. Therefore, more and more high-tech products and technologies are used in the practical application of flood prevention and disaster relief. The maturity and perfection of unmanned ships and related products provide a brand-new solution for modern flood prevention and rescue work. Unmanned ships can receive instructions to perform tasks quickly when the waters are unclear, and transmit on-site information in real time, making up for the traditional methods of slow mobilization, lack of effective data, and personnel safety risks, and can quickly provide decision-making basis for flood prevention and flood fighting .

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(Unmanned vessel surveying water area)

Unmanned ships have played an irreplaceable role in this flood prevention and flood fighting. However, in order for unmanned ships to be energized in water, the power interface must have a waterproof function, which is a problem that the unmanned ship must overcome. CNLINKO's YM series waterproof connector, with its excellent performance in many aspects such as waterproof, salt spray, stability, etc., works hand in hand with the unmanned ship to provide a stronger guarantee for our national defense against floods and floods.

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(CNLINKO YM connector is used in unmanned ships)

Flood is an order, and flood prevention is a responsibility. Whether it is fighting the epidemic or preventing floods, CNLINKO stands on the front line of the nation. From medical equipment to unmanned ship equipment, we have different application products in different fields, and each product has its own unique characteristics. This time, the CNLINKO YM-20 series waterproof connector has contributed to the flood prevention. It adopts a snap-on locking connection method, which is not afraid of safety and stability, and effectively guarantees the accuracy of unmanned ship data transmission. In terms of materials, it is derived from imported raw materials with strong salt spray properties. Not only has excellent performance on unmanned ships, but also the use of other equipment is also praised by customers.

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(CNLINKO YM connector assists unmanned ship survey)

"You are the Huawei of domestic aviation plugs and waterproof connectors", this is the customer's pertinent evaluation of CNLINKO. As a national enterprise, CNLINKO has always adhered to the principle of "mastering core technology, creating a national brand". From design, material selection, production, quality inspection to delivery, every step is extremely strict, so that customers have a better experience. Tianxingjian, the gentleman keeps on striving for self-improvement, CNLINKO makes every effort to take the connector technology to the forefront of the world, and the excellent and stable quality makes CNLINKO brand walk in every corner of the world.

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(CNLINKO YM-20 series waterproof connector)

The flood situation is not over yet. As a national brand, CNLINKO has established a special flood prevention and rescue technical support team to provide technical support and supply for unmanned ships at all times. Persist in staying on the front line with the flood fighting fighters, assist the rescue forces to keep the power signal of the unmanned ship in good condition, and make flood prevention and flood fighting more intelligent and scientific.

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