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CNLINKO waterproof connectors are used in various industries

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Connectors are electronic components that connect electricity and electrical signals, and are widely used in modern society. Connectors are inseparable from a switch or a mobile phone to a space shuttle or spacecraft. The stability of the connector directly determines the smoothness of the machine's operation and affects all aspects of society. CNLINKO Electric is an enterprise dedicated to solving mid-to-high-end waterproof connector solutions. It is widely used in various industries due to its stable transmission performance, high waterproof and flame-retardant grade, and numerous series. Here is an introduction to the application areas of CNLINKO waterproof connectors.

1. New energy application field

New energy, also known as unconventional energy, is a very widespread existence. For example, solar energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, ocean energy, biomass energy and nuclear fusion energy all belong to the new energy industry. Compared with traditional industries, new energy is a green and sustainable industry. Different new energy equipment uses different requirements for waterproof connectors. CNLINKO waterproof connectors have a variety of sizes, specifications and materials, and have stable performance, which are used in various new energy industries.

Application equipment: solar signal lights, new energy vehicles, solar circuit boards, new energy street lights, etc.;

Application products: LP-16, LP-20, YW-16, LP-28, etc.

waterproof connector (1).jpg

(CNLINKO waterproof connector is used in solar equipment)

2. Application fields of medical equipment

This year, the world has been ravaged by the new crown virus. Human beings share the same hatred and hatred, and work together to fight the virus. At this critical moment, medical equipment plays a vital role. The normal operation of medical equipment is inseparable from the support of various parts. Waterproof connectors are like the blood of medical equipment, transmitting current, signals and data for medical equipment. The quality of a waterproof connector directly determines whether the medical equipment can work normally. CNLINKO Electric enjoys a reputation in the industry, focusing on waterproof connectors for decades, and has been providing excellent quality waterproof connectors for medical equipment. In this new crown battle, CNLINKO fought around the clock, and finally delivered timely delivery according to the urgent needs of medical customers.

Application equipment: modern medical equipment, electric sprayers, medical equipment, outdoor video monitors, etc.

Application products: LP-12, LP-16, LP-20, BD-24, YW-16, etc.

waterproof connector (2).jpg

(CNLINKO waterproof connector is used in medical equipment)

3. lighting applications

The light makes the whole earth colorful, joyful and peaceful, showing vitality and full of hope. The indoor lighting through the windows tells the busyness of people's work and the warmth of family life. Outdoor street lights guide people to return home. The neon lights and stage lights of the city reveal the prosperity of the entire city. The lights are beautiful, romantic, warm and dazzling, illuminating each other's hearts. Whether it is indoor lighting equipment or outdoor lighting equipment, CNLINKO connectors are experts at energizing. You are not afraid of dust indoors, and you are not afraid of wind and rain outdoors. A trustful choice will give you a feedback for safe use.

Application equipment: plant growth lights, urban landscape lights, street lights, stage spotlights, etc.;

Application products: LP-20, YW-20, YA-20, YM-20, etc.;

waterproof connector (3).jpg

(CNLINKO waterproof connector is used in stage lighting)

4. Application fields of communication equipment

Communication equipment includes wired communication equipment and wireless communication equipment. Wired communication equipment mainly introduces serial communication, professional bus-type communication, industrial Ethernet communication and conversion equipment between various communication protocols. At present, the most popular 5G base stations are wired communication equipment. 5G base stations have very strict requirements on components due to their different installation locations. CNLINKO waterproof connector meets the needs of 5G base stations, adapts to various environments, is easy to install, and has complete certificates, providing a strong guarantee for the construction of 5G base stations in my country.

Application equipment: signal transceiver, signal transmission instrument, automation equipment control box, etc.;

Application products: YT-RJ45, LP-12, LP-16, BD-24, DH-24, etc.;

waterproof connector (4).jpg

(CNLINKO waterproof connector application communication equipment)

5. the field of automation equipment

With the continuous progress of society, automation technology has gradually replaced people in physical labor and part of their mental activities, greatly improving labor productivity and enhancing the ability of mankind to understand and transform the world. Automation technology is widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, transportation, commerce, medical care, services and households. Therefore, automation technology has various requirements for waterproof connectors, including power, signals, and data. CNLINKO electrical waterproof connectors include power, signal, data and wiring harness customization, which are used in various types of automation equipment.

Application equipment: automation equipment control box, modern console, etc.;

Application products: YU-USB, LP-20, BD-24, DH-24, YT-RJ45, etc.;

waterproof connector (5).jpg

(CNLINKO waterproof connector is used in automation equipment)

6. Security equipment field

Security monitoring system is an emerging profession that is being paid more and more attention by people. In terms of development, the application is more and more popular, and the technology content is getting higher and higher. Almost all high-tech technologies can promote its development, especially the advent of the information age, which provides opportunities for the professional development. At present, it is widely used in the fields of national public security system, road construction, urban planning, information monitoring, etc. CNLINKO has been committed to the research and development of connector solutions in the security field, and has made great contributions.

Application equipment: room monitoring system, information security door, outdoor video monitor, etc.;

Application products: LP-12, LP-16, LP-20, BD-24, LP-24, etc.;

waterproof connector (6).jpg

(CNLINKO waterproof connector is used in security equipment)

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