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CNLINKO Waterproof Connector: Hold hands together, connect the 5G world with love

Date:2020-08-19    source:admin

One group, one big world

2020 is a crucial year for the establishment of 5G smart interconnection. However, COVID-19 has suddenly invaded the world, causing many projects to be delayed. However, there is such a group of people who are enthusiastically working overtime and fighting to fight the virus and build global interconnection. However, it is such a group, such a group of people, who have created such new smart connection solutions.

They-unite and love, help each other grow together.

They come from different places and are distributed in different positions. Because of fate, we came together to CNLINKO waterproof connector, working hard for the same goal; working together to make a high-performance waterproof connector. They unite, love, and help each other grow, creating an excellent environment in CNLINKO that encourages innovation, creativity, excellence and collaboration. At the same time, CNLINKO practices the leadership philosophy of guiding, motivating and promoting employees' full participation and career development. Advocate open and effective communication and interaction, learn from each other, and make progress, so that everyone can grow together.

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They have a common name-CNLINKO people. They are a group of people who have worked hard for years to develop a product, or a group of people who work hard to manufacture a product, or a group of people who work hard to ensure product quality. People tested thousands of times. They are serious and responsible, meticulous workmanship, and only present the most perfect products for customers. Now they have a common name, that is CNLINKO people.

They have a common dream

Every huge ship has a distant place that it wants to reach, every young bird wants to become an eagle soaring in the sky, and the birth of every great enterprise comes from a great dream. We CNLINKO people have a common dream, which is to create benchmark high-performance waterproof connectors and lead the waterproof connector industry to the world.

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They have a common spirit-to be creative

For a new solution, they worked hard. In their hearts, this is not just a simple connector, but the lifeblood of the interconnection of everything. Innovation must keep improving and stand the test of time and practice. Innovation is always one step faster, and the epidemic is sudden. They have developed and designed new connection solutions for the medical industry based on industry big data and social needs. Their innovation is based on long-term accumulated experience and they are the pride of CNLINKO. CNLINKO has always insisted on excellence, using cutting-edge materials and standardized processes, and continuously creating unique products and solutions. CNLINKO's unremitting efforts in the field of research and development provide customers with more value-added and innovative waterproof connectors.

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Everything is interconnected, you and me

According to relevant predictions, there will be more than 50 billion 5G IoT connected devices worldwide in 2020. In this era of interconnection of all things, our connections will become closer, time and space will be extremely compressed, and our lives will become more and more convenient. However, all this is inseparable from the billions of new base stations built behind the scenes. They provide a robust structural foundation for our power, signals, and data. CNLINKO electrical high-performance waterproof connector is a solution provider for 5G IoT device connection, providing reliable connection solutions for 5G base station communication equipment, big data transmission equipment, and signal transmission equipment.

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CNLINKO Electric has been committed to industrial waterproof connectors for 16 years and is a national high-tech enterprise that produces high-performance waterproof connectors in China. The company's products have obtained more than 60 patented technologies and were rated as "National High-tech Enterprise" in 2016. The company has built a first-class and powerful laboratory testing room in the industry, with a professional R&D team, stable and reliable management process, and rigorous supply chain management. These are the guarantees that we can lead the industry and meet international standards. Provide advantages for our products to be used in various industries at home and abroad. (Such as: 5G base station equipment, medical equipment, aviation equipment, rail transit network, and lighting, shipping, security and many other fields.)

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(LP series waterproof connector)

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(BD series waterproof connector)

CNLINKO is mainly dedicated to solving power application connection solutions, signal application connection solutions, and data application connection solutions. The high-performance waterproof power connection solution can solve all power connection problems for you (multi-PIN, multi-style and multi-environment suitable for waterproof connectors);

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High-performance signal waterproof connection solution, which can solve all signal connection problems for you (high-performance waterproof RJ45 signal, high-speed waterproof fiber optic connection can be connected in multiple environments and multiple applications);

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High-performance data waterproof connection solutions can solve all data connection problems for you (high-speed USB data transmission connection, HDMI high-definition video image application connection).

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Hold hands together, connect with love. Here we are united and friendly. Here we help each other and win-win, just to build a new connection of wisdom with you

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