8th to 10th July, 2024 Electronica China will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center.Top-tier manufacturers from the global electronics industry will be gathered, once again to show the brilliance of electronic technology, An industry event supply chain of the entire electronics will be about to unfold.

CNLINKO , as an exhibitor, will bring its independently developed full range of connector products and new highlights to this technology event. Here, CNLINKO sincerely invites everyone to visit the expo in person!


New Product Preview


LP20-RJ45 Signal Connector: with CAT6 gold-plated crystal head, gigabit-level transmission rate, IP68 waterproof level, and single-handed quick connect/disconnect, making it a new highlight for quick plug-and-play RJ45 signal connectors in industrial and outdoor complex environments.



YM20-RJ45 Signal Connector: with CAT6 gold-plated crystal head, gigabit-level transmission rate, IP68 waterproof level, high corrosion resistance, and reliable connection, it meets the stringent technical requirements for high-corrosion environments.



M12 Type 180° & 90° Rubberized Connectors: with IP68 waterproof level, high corrosion resistance, UV resistance, integrated rubberized cover without wiring, visible tail-end management, and hexagonal arc-shaped locking outer ring for easier operation, making it be the preferred connector solution for compact devices and small installation spaces.



New Products LP20\BD20\YM20\DH20 Screw Locking type,Offer engineers a simple and quick wiring new solution, easy to operate without difficulties, even beginners can quickly wire without worrying about complex wiring, making the whole wiring process quicker and more efficient.

In addition to the new products mentioned above, CNLINKO LP, BD, YM, DH, and other numerous series of high-quality industrial connectors are also worth looking forward to. They cover more comprehensive connection functions such as power, signal, and data, providing users with one-stop professional connection technology solutions.


Meet in Shanghai at the Munich Expo

Date: 8th -10th July, 2024

Location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

Booth Number: N5-5325