Recently, we have received complaints and feedback from our customers, many of whom have reported receiving phone calls promoting non-CNLINKO connectors falsely under our banner. After a preliminary investigation, we discovered that a very small number of former marketing and sales personnel, who had resigned from CNLINKO, utilized trade secrets and confidential information acquired during their tenure at CNLINKO. They have violated professional ethics, laws, and regulations by falsely claiming their connectors to be "CNLINKO genuine products". In reality, these connectors are "imitations and substandard products from unknown or illegal manufacturers". This reprehensible behavior has significantly tarnished CNLINKO's brand image, deceived a large number of customers, and disrupted market order.

We urge these individuals to immediately cease their infringing activities and return to ethical practices. Failure to do so will compel us to take legal action to hold them accountable.

We advise our customers to verify the authenticity of any "CNLINKO Industrial Connector" they have purchased by contacting our official hotline at 0755-29600088 if they have any doubts.

We also encourage customers to report any instances of counterfeit "CNLINKO genuine products" to us. To ensure the authenticity of products bearing the "CNLINKO" brand, especially the LP series, we recommend purchasing exclusively through legitimate channels such as our direct sales channels or officially authorized agents to avoid deception.

CNLINKO has built its reputation over two decades of dedication. We sincerely thank our customers for their trust in the CNLINKO brand and its products. Moving forward, CNLINKO remains committed to its founding principles, maintaining craftsmanship, fostering innovation, and continuously delivering high-quality industrial connectors to earn the continued trust and support of our global customers.

Shenzhen Linko Electric Co., Ltd  

July 2, 2024