Some equipment in use can not help but have the same power and signal connection requirements, so the hybrid core comes in handy. The realization of power and signal transmission in a single core not only reduces the number of connectors used, but also allows the connector to take advantage of the space-saving advantages. Therefore, hybrid connectors are being widely used in compact devices or in situations where separate power and signal are not necessary.

What are the characteristics of hybrid connectors? What are the applications?

01. What are the characteristics of power + signal hybrid connectors?

Features and Advantages of Power + Signal Hybrid Connectors

Space saving Completes power and signal transmission through a single connector, reducing the number of connectors used and saving space on the equipment.

Simplify wiring Reduce the number of cables, simplify equipment wiring, reduce the complexity of the system and equipment

Flexibility Meet multiple connection requirements, applicable to a variety of scenarios, improve system flexibility and versatility

High space utilization Improve the space efficiency of connectors, especially for more demanding applications, such as compact equipment

Reduce user costs Reduce the number of connectors and cables used, a single connector to complete the function of the original two connectors, reduce material costs and labor costs of installation

02, power + signal hybrid core connectors are used in which areas?

Power + signal hybrid core connector common application areas (examples)

 Portable equipment Portable equipment, generally require lightweight, compact, easy to carry, the use of hybrid core at the same time the transmission of power and signal, to facilitate the realization of the characteristics of portability

Industrial control systems Industrial equipment often need to connect a variety of different types of sensors or other devices, the use of hybrid connectors can simplify wiring and installation

Medical Devices Medical devices and equipment often need to transmit power and signal, hybrid connectors can fit the space-optimized design requirements of medical devices. Electric small vehicles such as electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, electric tricycles, etc., can meet the miniaturization design requirements of these products by using hybrid connectors.

Recommended products DH series: Hybrid connectors for space saving

DH Series: How to realize stronger hybrid electrical transmission?

DH series: Hybrid connectors

01, circular connector cross-section can be realized more power and signal core layout, to meet a variety of combinations of hybrid core design, to meet more needs, power and signal with the same core space-saving use of high-conductivity copper alloy, and supplemented by gold-plated surface treatment, power and signal transmission are very efficient

02, plug and socket, pin and jack to achieve a smaller gap with a tighter fit, more reliable conduction.

03, reasonable and optimized PIN pin layout, not only to protect their respective transmission functions, but also to ensure that they do not interfere with each other.

04, the use of high-quality engineering plastic as an insulator material, play a better role in electrical isolation, to ensure that there will be no circuit impact and security risks.

05, through the UL, TUV witness authorized laboratory professional testing, electrical transmission indicators to meet the standard requirements.

DH series industrial connectors for the full metal shell connector, the entire shell of high-strength and more wear-resistant alloy material, the structure of the connection using a more stable bayonet screw connection. Its application is very wide, the function covers a comprehensive, hybrid core electrical connection is very popular, can save equipment space, simplify industrial wiring, in line with the portable equipment and other needs.

DH series: Hybrid connectors

In addition, the product function also covers power, signal (PIN pin class, RJ45, fiber optic) and data (USB2.0, USB3.0, HDMI) and other connections to meet different scenarios of different devices on the connection of multiple technical requirements.

One of the recommended industries: electric bicycle

E-bike is a green and environmentally friendly short-range transportation. As an electrified product, power and signal connectors are generally used for the transmission of power and speed control signals. Since e-bikes are generally compact, it is desirable to use fewer or smaller connectors. For this reason, hybrid connectors (power + signal) are being used in a large number of e-bikes.

DH series: Hybrid connectors

CNLINKO DH series (2+6 pole) hybrid industrial connectors can realize power and signal transmission in the same core, and at the same time, it is also a waterproof connector with industrial grade standard, with IP68 protection, vibration and shock resistance, high and low temperature resistance, etc., which is a very suitable hybrid core connector product for compact equipment, light equipment, or other applications that need to save the use of connectors, cut-out holes, and space. connectors for compact devices, lightweight equipment, or other applications that require space-saving, openings, etc.


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