The light of craftsmanship shined in North America.From September 11 to September 14, the Solar Power International 2023  was held in Las Vegas, USA. Cnlinko photovoltaic connector series products and connection solutions were on exhibition.


Witness Cnlinko Charm at the Solar Power International

Solar Power International is the largest and most influential photovoltaic exhibition in North America and one of the most well-known international exhibitions in the global solar industry. Each exhibition has attracted countless exhibitors from all over the world to participate in  the event of photovoltaic industry.


Solar power field has always been the advantageous field that Cnlinko has been deeply cultivating for a long time. Cnlinko brought LP, BD, DH, YM and other series of industrial connectors with independent intellectual property rights, as well as solar connection solutions. During the exhibition, Cnlinko's booth was always popular and crowded with visitors from all over the world. Our staff from Cnlinko USA Branch gave a warm reception to the visitors, explaining the technical features of the products, sharing the application cases, and showing the operation skills in person.

Self-developed Leading-edge Technology to Empower Global PV

The North American market represented by the United States is one of the most important photovoltaic markets in the world, and the demand for photovoltaic products has continued to grow steadily in recent years. As the core component of the photovoltaic power generation system - industrial connector, is ushering in nearly 10 years of golden opportunity, and needs to be satisfy more stringent requirements. Technology and R&D are always the key to meet the market demand. Relying on self-developed leading technology, Cnlinko creates LP, BD and other series of industrial connectors that meet the performance and technical requirements of PV scenarios. They successfully meet the technical demands of PV power generation products in outdoor and other complex conditions for connectors with high reliability, waterproof, high and low temperature resistance, UV resistance, high safety, etc., which can provide strong technical guarantees for the long-term and reliable operation of the photovoltaic power generation system.


Cnlinko's attendance at the Solar PV Expo in the United States will help strengthen the relationship with our partners in the North American PV industry and solidify the influence of Cnlinko's industrial connectors in the North American PV market. In the future, Cnlinko will continue to deepen its globalization strategy by relying on its overseas subsidiaries and localized sales channels to help the global PV industry develop rapidly with its leading connection technology and high-quality products.