CNLINKO will participate in Solar Power International 2023 in Las Vegas, USA from September 11th to September 14th. The photovoltaic field has been a long-term CNLINKO's deep-rooted advantage in the field, CNLINKO has a supporting mature photovoltaic connection solutions and a series of industrial connector products to provide. In order to help you understand CNLINKO's PV professional connection solutions in advance, we have provided a detailed program analysis for you. We welcome you to visit us at the exhibition (detailed information about our booth is available at the end of this article) and get to know our products from a close distance.


CNLINKO PV connectivity solutions

Based on independent research and development and independent intellectual property rights, Zing-tech's series of industrial waterproof connectors are widely used in the solar photovoltaic industry, solving the technical problems of users in the harsh outdoor working conditions of long-term continuous and stable connection. Below is an overview of CNLINKO's connectivity solutions for photovoltaic solar power generation systems.


LP12 Series PV Power/Signal Connection Solution

This solution uses LP12 (2/4 pole) power connectors and (6/8 pole) signal connectors to realize the transmission of power generation and the connection of PV system control signals. This series of industrial connectors, with high and low temperature resistance, high waterproof, UV resistance, locking securely, etc., and the use of press button, one-handed insertion and removal of the connection mode design, can meet the PV power generation connector fast installation of technical requirements.


2、LP16 Series PV Signal Connection Solution

This solution uses LP16-RJ45 (metal) signal connectors to realize the signal transmission of photovoltaic system devices. This series of RJ45 connector has the characteristics of one-handed plugging, high reliability, high waterproof, anti-UV, etc. It can realize the function of high speed rate transmission, anti-electromagnetic interference, etc., and it is an important connection solution for the high-quality transmission of photovoltaic system signals.



3、LP20 series photovoltaic power supply connection solutions

This solution product adopts LP20-2 core power connector, which has the features of high and low temperature resistance, high waterproof, UV resistance, locking firmly, etc., and can realize one-handed quick operation and meet the demand of high current transmission, which is the preferred solution for the quick installation of connectors for high current of PV power generation system.




4、BD20 Series PV Power Connection Solution

This solution adopts BD20 (2/3 core) power connector, the connector has the characteristics of high and low temperature resistance, high waterproof, UV resistance, locking firmly, etc., and also can realize one-handed pressing, quick plugging and unplugging, more highlight is that it adopts the streamline body and skeletonized back top appearance design, the industrial aesthetics and art sense is very strong, in particular, the PV project power connector for the exposed part of the product using the model In particular, the use of this type of power connector for the exposed part of PV projects helps to enhance the image of the system and bring a better visual sense.




The above are the common connection solutions for the photovoltaic industry by CNLINKO. If the user has a request for a customized connection solution based on their own system, Linear Technology can provide customized services. In general, the entire customization from the user's needs to the realization of the product prototype, basically only 20 days.


The photovoltaic industry is a sunrise industry with a promising development prospect, which has a larger demand for industrial connectors and higher technical requirements for products. The photovoltaic field is a long-term deep-rooted advantage of CNLINKO, the future will continue to technology research and development, and constantly match the market demand, with a high level of fit and high technology industrial connector series products and solutions to help the global photovoltaic industry high-quality development.



As a national high-tech enterprise and a national "small giant" enterprise specializing in industrial connector R&D, production and sales, CNLINKO provides the most valuable technical support for professional connectivity solutions for users in more fields through continuous technological research and development and the operation of multiple series of products. At present, CNLINKO has been honored as "Guangdong Famous Brand" and its own brand has become the preferred choice of industrial connector brand for users in more than 180 countries and regions around the world