A motor is the source of power for many devices and machinery, which can convert electrical energy or other energy into mechanical energy. For electricity-based motors, it needs power industrial connectors that can adapt to industrial and vibration environments to achieve a long-term stable carrying state under the working environment.

Cnlinko- Power Connection Solutions for Motor

Cnlinko BD Series or LP Series industrial connectors can ensure the proper operation of motors in complex environments. In the connection of motor, the above 3-core power connector provides the electrical energy input connection during the conversion of electrical energy to mechanical energy by the motor.


In the use of the motor, the above two  waterproof connectors can meet all the requirements. They are different from  appearance. BD series industrial connector, with artistic and industrial aesthetic sense, is stronger, while the LP series is simple and low-key, cost-effective. Users can choose according to the scene's personality requirements such as appearance and collocation.

Cnlinko - Power Connector Features for Motor

Motor is the core component of mechanical and electrical equipment, whose performance requirements of power connection and signal connection are extremely high. How are the above two connectors compatible with the motor's technical requirements for the connector?

1, Screwing Type, Wiring is Faster and More Convenient

 BD series and LP series of 3-core power connectors recently launched the screwing type, which are very suitable for motor products. For the motor, the wiring of the screwing is very fast, and easy for maintenance personnel to disassemble the connector when they overhaul the motor product. It can also be disassembled for other motors or equipment, which has high flexibility and obvious cost advantages. Compared with the commonly used welding wiring, there is no need for spot welding special tools, which reduces the complexity of operation and skill requirements of field workers, and is very practical.



2, anti-vibration, anti-impact and quick operation

BD Series or LP Series industrial connectors have excellent vibration, shock resistance and quick installation and operation. In terms of vibration resistance and impact resistance, the shell of the above two connectors are made of high-strength, wear-resistant material. Both outdoor engineering plastic material and alloy material have strong mechanical strength and impact mechanical properties, and the shell structure is circular. From a mechanical point of view, load-bearing and mechanical impact resistance are also higher than other structural forms.


In terms of quick operation, these two connectors use the button-plug connection mode, and its significant advantage is that it can be operated with one hand and inserted and removed with one key, which is faster and simpler. It is very practical for motor equipment that requires frequent maintenance and maintenance.

3, waterproof, oil resistant and corrosion resistant, more suitable for industrial scenes

The industrial environment is inevitably affected by water, oil, corrosive substances and other factors. In terms of waterproof, relying on professional waterproof and sealing structure design, it can achieve industrial waterproof performance. The standard configuration is IP67/IP65, up to IP68 protection level.


In terms of oil resistance, metal shell is made of alloy material and plastic shell is engineering plastic material.Both are resistant to petroleum-based liquids. At the same time, the high precision machining process achieves lower surface roughness, and the tight coupling design at the joint ensures excellent oil resistance.

In terms of corrosion resistance, the metal connector shell is made of aluminum alloy and zinc alloy, which adds other trace metal elements, greatly improving the corrosion resistance. The plastic shell is made of high-performance outdoor engineering plastic material, with high chemical inertia, which is not easy to react with the chemical substances in the corrosive liquid. Corrosion resistance is generally stronger than the metal model. Both metal and plastic connectors can meet the requirements of corrosion protection in the industrial environment where the motor is located.

4. Excellent conductivity, small power transmission temperature rise

    The conductivity of BD series or LP series industrial connectors has much to do with the material and structure. The contact parts are made of highly conductive material, and are gold-plated with nickel bottom, which can efficiently conduct power and reduce loss. The insulator material covered by high-quality silicone rubber, which can prevent leakage or short circuit. It has very excellent temperature rise performance, and the temperature rise change is still small under the long-term high-speed operation of the motor, less than 30K, which can realize the safety and reliability under the continuous high-load operation of the motor. In addition to the above screwing wiring, there are soldering wiring products optional. In terms of product functions, Cnlinko industrial waterproof connectors cover all types of functions such as power , signal, data, etc., which can fully meet users' comprehensive and differentiated connection technology demands.

About Cnlinko

Cnlinko is a national specialized and new small giant enterprise focus on R&D and production of connectors. With high-end quality, nearly 100 independent patents original design and brand influence, Cnlinko products are exported to more than 180 countries and regions. In the future, we will provide more industries with high quality connector solutions.

    At present, Cnlinko BD and LP series screwing waterproof connector are continuing to sell. If you are interested in these two products, you can learn more details or visit Cnlinko's website