CNLINKO Type-C industrial connector is listed to create a new data power transmission connection solution


Recently, CNLINKO officially launched a new type of product to the market - LP16 Type-C waterproof industrial connector. At present, the European Union and other countries have listed the Type-C interface as a unified charging interface form in the future, and in the industrial field, Type-C industrial connectors are popular for their data power and high-speed transmission characteristics. In this context, the LP16 Type-C industrial connector developed by CNLINKO based on its profound industrial connector technology background was officially unveiled on the market. It will bring new and efficient data power transmission connectivity solutions to harsh operating environment.


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Extraordinary Type-C connector 

CNLINKO LP16 Type-C connector is an industrial connector product that can realize high-speed transmission of power and data in the same port. The new generation of interface forms and CNLINKO's advanced aviation plug technology are fused, so that this product has remarkable performance in design and function, and has significant advantages. Next, we will introduce the advantages of LP16 Type-C industrial connector:


01 High transmission rate, can achieve fast charging of power supply

LP16 Type-C industrial connector adopts a new generation of transmission interface Type-C with built-in high-performance chip, which can not only realize fast power charging, but also ensure a transmission rate of up to 10Gbps, making data transmission more efficient and smooth, without lag.

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02 Electromagnetic shielding, data transmission will not be interfered

The aviation plug adopts electromagnetic shielding design on the interface and wiring harness, which can effectively reduce the interference of external electromagnetic signals with the electronic data transmitted in the connector and ensure the integrity of the data.

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03 Integrated molding design, more stable and reliable

The outlet part of the tail of the aviation plug adopts the integration of rubber covering process, which makes the anti-pulling ability between the cable and the connector stronger, and can prevent the cable from breaking. It is more stable and reliable in the vibration environment or pulling use, and also makes the installation of industrial connectors more convenient and efficient, completely eliminating the cumbersome and time-consuming wiring installation process.

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04 Snap-on design, fast and more efficient

The interface of Type-C is equipped with the one-key snap-lock connection structure design of CNLINKO LP16 series industrial connectors, so that Type-C aviation plugs can realize plug and operate and positioning foolproof during plugging and unplugging, making the use faster, more convenient, more accurate, and the connection more stable.


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05 Protection level up to IP68, flame retardant and high and low temperature resistant

This Type-C industrial connector has strong protection performance, and the protection level can reach up to IP68, ensuring double protection against water and dust; Flame retardant grade UL94V-0, fire retardant and safer; High and low temperature resistance, plastic model: -25°C ~ +85°C.

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06 Simplified installation, precise size matching

Precision processing and high-precision assembly ensure the consistency and precision of the dimensions of this aviation plug product, which is convenient for the equipment installing industrial connectors to open holes, and simplifies the installation operation, which can be completed in two steps.


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Suitable for harsh scenarios and more widely used 

LP16 Type-C industrial connector, as a connector that can adapt to harsh working environments such as outdoor and workshop, can give full play to its inherent product value in complex environments. At present, this aviation plug of CNLINKO has been used in projectors, electrical performance testing equipment, industrial cameras, outdoor energy storage power supplies and other equipment and systems. With the further coverage of products in the market, LP16 Type-C industrial connectors will emerge in more application fields in the future, which is strongly empowered.

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In addition to the wide coverage of industrial connector products, the types of wiring harness products are also quite comprehensive. It covers: power supply harnesses (2/3/4 pins); Data class harnesses (USB/HDMI/TYPE-C); Signal harnesses (5/6/7/8/9/10/12/14/19/24 pins, RJ45, optical fiber); Hybrid (power + signal) harness (2+7 pins/2+6 pins/3+2 pins/3+16 pins/4+4 pins); The shell material has three options: plastic type, plastic + metal type, and metal type; Hole sizes are available in M12, M16, M20, M24 and M28; The cable length is 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m, 3m, 5m, 10m and other specifications are optional; In addition, we can provide customized services according to customer needs (product shell color system, opening size and cable length can be customized on demand). The wiring harness can meet the same requirements of CQC, UL, VDE, with IP65/IP67/IP68 (optional) waterproof grade, can meet VW-1/UL94V-0 flame retardant requirements, with cold resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, vibration and impact resistance, high strength, breaking resistance and other characteristics, can be widely used outdoors, workshops and other complex and harsh working environments, to ensure reliable and stable operation of the connection.

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CNLINKO is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development and production of industrial connectors and a national specialized and special new "little giant" enterprise, and its products sell well in more than 180 countries and regions at home and abroad. At present, CNLINKO has more than a dozen aviation plug product series such as LP, BD, YM, DH, etc., covering multi-core number, RJ45, USB2.0, USB3.0, HDMI, optical fiber and other types, involving power connection, signal connection, data connection and other product functions, which can fully meet the various comprehensive technical requirements of users from all walks of life for industrial connectors. The launch of CNLINKO's LP16 Type-C industrial connector will further optimize and expand Link's product type library. In the future, CNLINKO will continue to adhere to market demand-oriented, focus on technology research and development, accelerate the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, create more highly innovative and highly suitable aviation plug products in line with market demand, and provide users with better connector products and technical solution services.


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