【Cnlinko Technology Industrial Connector Performance Analysis①】Cnlinko YM series connectors cover different sizes of M20, M24,Including power connectors, multi-core and RJ45 signal connectors and USB data connectors, etc.Extremely reliable performance in industrial and other complex environments, due to many innovations in the structural design of the YM series.

cnlinko waterproof connector.png

Due to the limitation of space, the following is only to introduce the YM series of industrial waterproof connectors in the structure design of the three innovations points.

1.Three-point snap inter-matching, more stable connection

YM connectors have three snaps in the circumferential direction, evenly arranged, in accordance with the principle of mechanical stability, making the connection more stable

2.Five-point positioning dummy-proof to prevent interpolation mismatch

The YM series connectors of Cnlinko adopt a 5-point positioning and anti-dumbing structure design, which can effectively prevent mismatching.This ensures users a fast, secure and reliable connection through simple docking.

3.Adopt threaded connection method and anti-backout


  YM series adopts the double thread T-thread connection method, which can be fastened and screwed together quickly and can withstand higher breaking torque.The anti-backout device prevents sudden abnormal conditions that may cause product function failure.

It is these polish and innovation, so that the YM series products have more powerful performance, can meet the test of more severe and outdoor and other complex environment.

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