In the industrial field, the mobile manipulator with both the platform movement function and the executive function of the manipulator is becoming a hot favorite in the industry. The industrial connector that can realize efficient and stable connection is the key to ensure the reliable completion of the task of the mobile manipulator. CNLINKO's BD series industrial connectors, with high waterproof and corrosion resistance, shock resistance, fast operation and other characteristics, is widely used in mobile manipulator equipment.

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Industrial connector experts say that due to the intelligence and complexity of the mobile manipulator itself, it needs more and different types of connectors to ensure the efficient operation of various connecting functions. In the application scenario of factory, mobile manipulator will face many challenges in various environment and use experience, and users have high requirements on the stability, reliability, operation convenience and precision of industrial connectors. However, the external space of the connector is very important to many mobile manipulator users, and its design to save external space is helpful to realize the compact structure and miniaturization of the mobile manipulator.

CNLINKO's BD series products are exactly what users need for such an aviation plug connector. It has been widely and successfully applied in mobile manipulator. The power device, control board and other devices of the mobile manipulator need power support. The BD20 power connector of CNLINKO is used to charge the battery of the mobile manipulator. In the work of the mobile manipulator, various valuable data generated by various sensors will be connected to the BD24 data connector.

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What are the characteristics and advantages of CNLINKO's BD series aviation plug connectors in providing a variety of professional connections for the mobile manipulator, which guarantee the highly reliable application of the mobile manipulator in the factory floor and other environments?

1, High standards of material selection, to ensure high reliability and stable conduction

BD24 and BD20 industrial connectors strive for high standards in material selection. The contact parts adopt high-end imported copper alloy, supplemented by 4 micro inch gold-plated surface treatment technology, which can ensure the contact resistance is highly stable in long-term use, and does not affect the electrical performance of the connector, so as to realize the high-speed and stable transmission of power, signal and data.

2, Simple, more convenient

For mobile manipulator devices, whether charging or data export, faster operation can improve the user's experience. CNLINKO's BD24 and BD20 series industrial connectors adopt the in-line button design mode with the socket end set button, which can realize one-hand in-line insertion, quick pull out, and more rapid operation, which is convenient for users to complete the operation of conducting and disconnecting efficiently.

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3, The structure is precise, and the product to achieve complete coordination

CNLINKO's BD24 and BD20 series industrial connectors have precise structure, high dimensional accuracy of +/-0.05mm, high surface quality, which can be quickly assembled into high-precision products and fully cooperate with products. It can ensure that users can achieve accurate installation, fast and smooth insertion and removal in the process of disassembly and installation, or non-live insertion and removal, and effectively improve the user's experience and efficiency in use.

4, built-in design, save external space

CNLINKO's BD24 and BD20 series aviation plugs are designed to be embedded into the device in the connector socket, reducing the spacing between the mounting panel and the exposed product and saving external space. This innovative design contributes to the compact and miniaturization of the mobile manipulator.

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Characteristics in addition to the above advantages, Germany as a won the red dot design award of aviation plug, BD series products adopt the sleek, hollow type sneak back type structure design, modelling elegant smart, have very strong identification, also accord with human body engineering concept, is a both industrial property and artistic aesthetic feeling of the aviation plug connector products. It is used on a mobile robot arm, which will directly lift the image of the user's device, enhancing the sense of technology and art.

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Due to its larger operating space and high motion redundancy, mobile manipulator has a broader application prospect. At present, it is not only used in industrial manufacturing, but also continuously penetrated into medical treatment, detection and other fields. It not only reduces the use cost of personnel, but also can be safely used in dangerous and harsh environment, with significant advantages. It is expected that with the continuous transformation and upgrading from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing" in the world, the demand for mobile robotic arms will continue to increase.

SHENZHEN LINKO ELECTRIC CO., LTD., is a national high-tech enterprise which always adheres to independent research and development and practices the spirit of ingenuity to create each type of industrial connector products. At present, CNLINKO has been awarded nearly 100 kinds of patent technology, the products have been UL, TUV, CQC, China, the United States, the European Union and other countries of the authoritative certification, in line with CE, RoHS and other environmental standards. With strong research and development strength and quality assurance system, CNLINKO will continue to create high fit, high performance, high reliability of aviation plug connector products, to empower the manipulator industry, help the transformation and upgrading of Chinese manufacturing.

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