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CNLINKO has been engaged in the area of industrial connectors for over a decade. It has excellent engineering and creative teams, outstanding marketing and operation teams, modernized manufacturing workshops, strict quality monitoring and management system, as well as express warehouse and logistics facilities. The products are widely used in LED display screen, lighting equipment, engineering equipment and so on. In the future, CNLINKO will continue to conduct researches and expansions, in a bid to forge us into a world-famous connector brand. 


LED display waterproof connector

The economic YF power connector is widely used in power and power line application, which is a classic choice for LED screen, audio, stage lighting and other industries. Based on a mature generation of YF, the new second product lineup provides more advantages. The second generation of YF power connector can reach a water-proof level of IP67, which allows it to be more widely used. 

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Recommended Water-proof Connectors for Lighting

LP connector is featured with high-precision and high-quality automatic plugging and locking apparatus, which is widely used in all the challenging environments and situations, such as lights, visual and audio equipment, medical equipment, industrial control, examination and measuring equipment, AV system, broadcasting, telecommunication and other areas. The simple operation, and fast and stable connection apparatus enable it to challenge the outdoor water-proof function. 

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Industrial Water-proof connector

DH metal water-proof connector provided by CNLINKO is applicable to industrial plugs, sockets and overall wiring harness connection. Our DH water-proof connector can withstand the harsh environment, which allows it to be used for industrial equipment.


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Other Industrial Connector

The series of products provided by CNLINKO can also be widely used in all the challenging environments and situations, such as new-energy vehicle, solar photovoltaic and audio areas. The simple operation, fast and stable connection apparatus enable it to challenge the outdoor water-proof function. 

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Industry advantage

  • Customized

    Cnlinko's products support personalized custom design
    Provide you with customized programs.

  • excellent

    excellent quality, cnlinko products are to achieve excellence, .
    after a number of process testing, in line with standards

  • diversity

    up to thousands of products,
    different series of different core design, in line with a variety of industrial needs.

Hot products

Cnlinko focus on research and development, production, sales of industrial waterproof connectors for 13 years, with dozens of waterproof connector patents and a number of international authoritative certification.

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