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CNLINKO waterproof connector: exquisite workmanship, attitude creates ingenuity

Date:2020-08-14    source:admin

Model engineer

The following model worker has worked at CNLINKO for five years. This year is his sixth year at CNLINKO. Five years of perseverance, to make every model well; five years of accumulation, to prepare for each boutique; five years of sweat, praise for CNLINKO customers.

The mold of the LP-12 series waterproof connector is more difficult to deal with many appearance details because of its exquisite and compact product. In order to ensure the excellent waterproof quality of the product, the mold must be carefully built dozens of times. Develop a part model of LP-12.

waterproof connector (1).png

Perseverance of injection molding workers

In order to ensure that the quality of the integrated injection products is better and more excellent. We at CNLINKO select imported high-quality raw materials while keeping the injection molding machine working continuously. From the early mold change and debugging, the proportion of raw materials, to the final product sorting, all have been professionally inspected.

waterproof connector (1).jpg

Assembler's meticulous

In order to cast a precise and meticulous waterproof connector, our assembly work must focus on every detail. The location of a snap button, the amount and time of one-piece filling will directly affect the electrical performance and waterproof effect of the product.

waterproof connector (2).jpg

(Assemblers carefully and carefully press YF-24 copper needles)

waterproof connector (3).jpg

(Assemblers accurately position the solder for each part)

waterproof connector (4).jpg

(Assemblers concentrate and accurately inject glue for RJ45 seat)

Customization of wire workers

CNLINKO USB waterproof connector has always been a benchmark product in the industry. The perfect birth of every USB cable is not simple. From material selection, cutting, welding to glue injection, every step requires excellence.

If the quality of the raw material determines the shape of the wire, then cutting, welding, and glue injection determine its appearance. However, whether it is data, power, or signal waterproof connectors, skilled wire masters can always produce wires that meet customer needs.

waterproof connector (5).jpg

(The wire workers focus on testing each RJ45)

waterproof connector (6).jpg

(The wire worker carefully inspects every part of the wire)

waterproof connector (7).jpg

(Wire workers are focusing on testing the data transfer rate of the USB socket)

The ruler of quality workers

Certification is the yardstick, and quality is the lifeblood. Each of CNLINKO's products has undergone rigorous testing and has passed the certification of top domestic and foreign certification agencies. Reliability is our unremitting pursuit. Regarding quality, we have been sticking to it.

Waterproof test —— put the test product into a simulated test environment with a depth of ten meters for several hours of rigorous testing;

High temperature and high pressure-repeated high temperature and high pressure tests without interruption;

Insertion and extraction force test-thousands of uninterrupted insertion and extraction force tests;

Salt spray test —— Simulate the harsh salt-alkali environment of sea water and continue the test under the salt spray environment for 24 hours.

waterproof connector (8).jpg

(Quality workers are doing rigorous temperature rise tests for LP-28 series products)

waterproof connector (9).jpg

(Quality workers are doing high-frequency pull test for LP-16)

Dozens of product certifications

waterproof connector (10).jpg

凌科 CNLINKO Waterproof Connector

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