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LED display applications

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With the further expansion of LED full-color display application market, such as screen tiles (conference rooms, multimedia classrooms, stage, exhibition activities and so on) also have a wide range of needs, the huge effect of LED screen tiles in the stage performance has been the most incisive, broadcast live, exciting scenes, slow motion playback, close-up. The special background environment, the performance of the artistic conception into full play, and awesome vivid music picture of the perfect combination, to create a magnificent, very modern scene; large, clear the game live picture, give a person personally on the scene visual feast, outdoor LED screen tiles is designed for indoor and outdoor the exhibition hall stage party on the use of the environment to customize a novel digital display device.


At present, the domestic LED tile screen, although you can achieve a similar effect by pre designed video, but the exhibition scene is often full of uncertainty, the need for specialized staff responsible for adjustment, not only need to spend a lot of resources, but can not achieve timely and accurately.


(The application of cnlinko, YF and YT products on floor tile display screen)

All along, Cnlinko with high reliable quality for the LED floor tile display system to provide the best interconnection solution. The YF series waterproof connectors are simple, convenient and flexible, and can reduce the operator's operation and the damage of the display.


(The application of cnlinko, YF and YT products on floor tile display screen)

YF series waterproof connector advantage
☑ IP65 protection level

Without fear of accidentally spilled drinks, rain, let the surging passion.

☑ Clear connection, safe earthing

A device for locking 3 core connectors with contacts for safe alignment of the centerline, line, and pre matching.

☑Speed identification, no more mistakes

Identifying in different colors is the best choice for power identification. The YF-24 power connector uses different colors (blue input) to control input / output (gray output), avoiding the possibility of inter match, and making you no longer error during installation.

☑Anti protrusion design

The chip and the body with latch connections, the inner core needle is more stable when in use, not easy to fall off, prolong the service time.

☑The operation is convenient, by cutting out the superfluous

Using a quick and simple locking system designed to make rapid locking and reduce the amount of work performed by the installer.

☑Widely used

Stage rental, audio, medical equipment, industrial equipment, etc..


(Packing sketch of YF and YT series products)

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