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Large stage display screen

Date:2017-08-24    source:admin

Since twenty-first Century, the application of LED rental on the stage has become a necessary display equipment on the stage, and has been welcomed by the people. The LED screen also acts as a background screen from the initial stage, extending to the local brick screen on the stage floor, and evolving rapidly. More product types, equipment, of course, have to keep up.



Cross year party; stage effect


Large stage display accessories


With the increasing demand for reliability and maintainability of display devices, the connection between the power and the power supply has gradually evolved from traditional junction boxes and terminals into connector forms. The demand for plug and socket convenient and high stability connectors is also increasing. The following Ling Ling to introduce a suitable for display connector products: LP series waterproof connectors.



LP-20 power connector for large display screen


LP-24 signal connector for large display screen


LP-20Waterproof connector, straight and bent outlet

This series of waterproof connector shape is round shape, 2-12 core number is optional, the plug type connection locking type, can be used conveniently; anti misplugging, reliable connection, vibration resistance, strong impact resistance; contact detachable, support a variety of specifications with straight wire; outlet type and bending type (90 degrees) two. Can be widely used in LED display, radio and television, audio-visual equipment, AV systems and other fields.

Main technical indexes

working temperature


Rated current


Rated voltage


insulation resistance


Withstand voltage


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