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Date:2017-08-23    source:admin

Wireless video surveillance system is an important symbol of this era, and closely related to us, is an indispensable part of life. Wireless surveillance has many applications, such as wide range, distributed security monitoring, traffic monitoring, industrial monitoring, home monitoring and many other fields.


(Layout of video surveillance system for Wharf suspension bridge)

All we know that video surveillance system is the monitoring system which uses wireless wave to transmit video, sound, data and so on without wiring (cable). In the wireless video monitoring system, the camera and the power connector is a product of the front, the most basic, the largest amount of investment, and the key equipment, the camera is responsible for monitoring area of the camera and converted into electrical signals, the power connector control signal transmission, its quality directly affects the overall application of video monitoring system.


(Cnlinko LP-20 waterproof connector is used in wireless monitoring equipment )

Cnlinko provides a leading waterproof connector for wireless video surveillance technology - LP-20 waterproof connector. LP-20 has been carefully organized and designed on the basis of the development of protective devices, standard interfaces, plug and play cables.


(Cnlinko LP-20 working picture of surveillance video device)


▲ Higher electrical performance

Can meet voltage withstand at least 2500V, insulation resistance greater than 500M.

▲ Better protection performance

Meet IP67 (at least 1 meters under water, 0.5 hours) protection requirements, spring button design, locked docking, security firm.

▲ More suitable for harsh environments

External environment: operating temperature can be -40 degrees ~80 degrees, even wider range. Internal environment: rated current can be in the 5A~20A period, and the use of gold-plated contacts design, with high corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity, effective response to the current changes in temperature rise.

▲ More cores are available

Now has a compressible 2-4 core power connector 2.5mm - ~4mm - 1.0mm - ~1.5mm - wire, 5 wire, 7 core and 0.15mm - ~0.2mm - mixed connector wires 9, 12 core signal connectors of the three products.


(Cnlinko LP-20 waterproof connector family )

Our company is willing to provide professional, reliable and high-end products to escort the vigorous development of wireless video surveillance industry, and help video surveillance equipment be better, faster and more reliable!

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