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Lighting street lighting equipment

Date:2017-08-23    source:admin

LED street lamp is refers to the production of LED lighting lamps, has the advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response, high color rendering index unique advantages, main application, main roads, secondary roads and branches, factories, schools, gardens, city square, garden road lighting, has a very important significance the city lighting energy saving.

At present, the LED street lamp is installed outdoors, which is often attacked by unexpected weather, and has high stability and safety requirements. At the same time, there are many street lamps, but the product maintenance is difficult and the product price is higher.

Application of YA waterproof connector on LED street lamp

Cnlinko provides YA waterproof connector series products, and solves the problems of difficult installation and high maintenance cost of LED street lamps. The following are the features of YA connectors.



(Application of YA waterproof connector on LED street lamp)

1 quick connection, swivel locking

The YA power connector is connected with 1/4 on the bayonet joint. It can be locked by rotation when it is used. It is easy to operate and easy to install.

2 protection level

LED street lamp protection level a class product should not be lower than IP67; B class products should not be lower than IP66; C class products should not IP65. The waterproof grade of YA connector reaches IP67, and meets the requirements of class a LED street lamp.

3 average life

The average life expectancy of LED street lamps should not be less than 30000h. The YA socket connector is more than 1500 times, guaranteed for one year, and reduces maintenance cost.

4 temperature difference performance

Our YA connector can work at -40, ~80 degrees centigrade. Whether it's hot summer or cold area or season, YA can bring you light.

5 stability

The YA-20 power connector has passed the high strength withstand voltage test, high temperature test, antiknock test and corrosion resistance test. Because it uses imported PBT material housings from the United States, it provides stable electrical performance for connectors.

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