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In today's society, wired network, wireless network cable from the original emerge in an endless stream, 1 megabytes to hundreds of megabytes of broadband wireless network, more directly from 2G to 5G up. Network communication has become the relationship between people, maintainer, connector, and people's demand for optical fiber is also increasing. This has continuously promoted the rapid development of the optical fiber connector industry, and meanwhile, fiber has become an important engine to improve the level of information technology.



LP-24 fiber and DH-24 fiber cnlinko belong to the LC type optical fiber, LC fiber quick connector is a good solution of field wiring operation and fiber connection to the head of household engineering. LC optical fiber rapid connector is widely used in the construction site and needs quick connection. It provides a quick and stable connection for the operation. The rapid connection head site assembly eliminates the need for glue curing and grinding, which provides faster assistance for engineers in line installation, maintenance and repair, as well as fiber to home projects. Then, let cnlinko take you to understand these two products.

1, LP-24 series fiber optic connector


LP-24 series products are widely used in the field of communications, the products meet international standards, have excellent environmental performance, protection level IP67, can meet the outdoor environment. This series of products are reliable, versatile and widely used in the field of optical fiber communication.

2, DH-24 series fiber optic connector


DH-24 - fiber is a metal fiber connector specially launched by Cnlinko. The product is applied to a harsh base station environment and plays a solid and corrosion resistant role. It adopts quick bayonet connection and welding wiring connection mode. It is easy to operate and convenient for field construction. The connector uses alloy external protective material to effectively reduce electromagnetic and signal radio interference caused by high external current. The product fits from 26AWG to 24AWG, and it has high cost performance and convenient on-site operation. It is widely used in the base station of harsh environment.

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