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Oriental TV shopping channel

Date:2017-08-24    source:admin

"Oriental TV" is the full name of Shanghai radio and television, the Oriental television channel, nicknamed "tomato Taiwan", launched in October 23, 2003. Its "Venus show", "emergency room story" and many other programs are very popular. As a well-known satellite TV, the stage effect in the program can not be ignored. Stage rental display is the most important part of the whole stage, the part of the whole program can be dazzling colorful, showing the most beautiful part of the audience.


(Oriental TV shopping channel stage tile display renderings )

Cnlinko is a leading provider of technology solutions for connection, attenuation, to display signal transmission to solve the Oriental TV shopping channel stage rental electromagnetic interference and environmental adaptability problems, provides a signal transmission, power transmission and a series of reliable interconnection scheme, connecting stage rental display to assist the Oriental TV shopping channel and rendering.


(Application of electric navigation insert in floor tile display )

All along, Cnlinko has the highest quality of reliability to provide the best solution for avionics systems, including power supplies, signals, data connectors, and cable systems.

Provide system connection technology for display area
☑ LED rental display interconnect technology
☑ LED color screen display interconnection technology

☑Connecting technology of small distance LED display screen

☑LED floor tile display screen connection technology

☑LED creative display connection technology

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