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CNLINKO was founded in 2004. It researches and produces high-performance connector products which is dedicated to providing premium service in connectors. The enterprise is located in the Pengzhou Industrial park at No.1 Fuyuan Road, Fuyong Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen City covering an area of over 3000 square meters. It has advanced automation production equipment, which has a production capacity of 3 million products.


The enterprise sticks to the quality guideline of “adhering to honesty and good faith and putting quality at our top agenda; pursuing advanced technology and excellency; clients first and prompt delivery; full participation of all the staff to continuously improve ourselves”. Consequently, we have passed through the certification of CCC, UL, CE, ROHS, ISO9001 and so on. The products produced by our enterprise have gained over 30 patents. In 2016, it was awarded the National High-Tech Enterprise. Our enterprise has forged an art-of-the-state and high-functioning research and examination lab, develops a professional research team, owns stable and reliable management procedures, and enjoys prudent supply chain management, all of which ensure that we can lead the industry and align with international standard.





  • 2004

    Foundation of CNLINKO

    Mainly engaged in the production of aviation cases

  • 2009

    In November, we passed the certification system of ISO9001.

    In December, we firstly stepped into the production of industrial connectors.

  • 2010

    Certification System

    In November, we passed the certification of IP test.

    In December, we passed the certification of CE and ROHS.

  • 2011

    Product Upgrading and Transformation

    In January, CNLINKO passed the certification of 3C. (Yuzhike)

    In September, we upgraded our products and turned to produce industrial connectors from the previous production of aviation cases.

    In November, we found the product testing lab.

  • 2013

    Brand Upgrading

    In August, we changed our brand from Yuzhike to CNLINKO.

    In August, we were awarded “China’s Most Potential Electronic Equipment”.

    In November, CNLINKO passed the certification of UL.

    In December, the Nanshan business centre of CNLINKO was founded.

  • 2014

    Production System

    In November, CNLINKO introduced the effective production system.

    In November, CNLINKO passed the certification of TUV which was a proof of Ali’s supplier.

  • 2015

    Effective Management

    From January to November, CNLINKO implemented the effective value chain management system.

    In December, CNLINKO passed the 3C upgrading certification.

    In December, CNLINKO was awarded the certification of National Innovative Enterprise.

    In December, CNLINKO was awarded “Supplier of SGS”.

    In December, CNLINKO became a member of Connector Industry Association of Shenzhen.

  • 2016

    In May, CNLINKO moved to a new manufacturing area for the expansion of business.

    In November, CNLINKO was awarded “National High-Tech Enterprise”.

  • 2017

    In January, CNLINKO upgraded its management and launched the Golden Butterfly ERP.

    The performance of CNLINKO reached new high.

  • 2018

    Settled on overseas e-commerce platforms

    Won a number of national invention patents

    Passed IATF 16949 quality system certification

  • 2019

    Won the title of Shenzhen "Caring Enterprise"

    Passed TUV witness test authorized laboratory

  • 2019

    Won the title of Shenzhen "Caring Enterprise"

    Passed TUV witness test authorized laboratory

  • 2020

    Passed the national "AAA Credit Enterprise" appraisal

    Expanding to the 5G industry


  • Innovation

    In a repetition of one matter, how can one be a better self.
    Be brave to jump out of the box
    And you will be equipped with the most unique brain.

  • Team

    Just like the ocean holds every drop of wave,

    each excellent capacity,

    is given to the full play when a suitable platform is possible.

  • Responsibility

    Bravery is the courage to face up to challenges,

    and courageous enough to shoulder responsibility is a mature character.

    Be a responsible man.

  • Prudence

    Be prudent with every important detail

    and leave no troubles to others.

  • Dream

    Every gigantic liner has a remote destination to reach

    while every flying eagle

    was once a little bird.

  • Quality

    Quality is the first step toward value and dignity

    and we always try our very best.


After several years of efforts, CNLINKO is dedicated to be advanced in the area of connector across the world. We master core technologies in industrial connectors and have a batch of professional research teams that have won several international certifications in aviation plugs.

  • Appearance patent-connector (RJ45)

  • Appearance patent-connector

  • Appearance patent-connector(YP-24)

  • Appearance patent-connector(YP)

  • Appearance patent-new Type Industrial connector,

  • Utility model patent-new type buckle connector

  • Utility model patent-new type waterproof network connector

  • Utility model Patent-new Type Industrial connector

  • IS09001-2008

  • CE

  • CCC

  • UL

  • CUL

  • RoHs

  • SGS

  • IP65



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