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2Cores Optical fiber Connector

Optical fiber Connector

Cable specification:
0.15m㎡~0.2m㎡/26-24 AWG
Diameter range:
Contact diameter × number:
Rated Current:
Operating voltage (AC.V.rms):
Contact resistance:
Temperature rise:
Withstanding Voltage(AC.V)1 minute:
Insulation resistance: >500MΩ
Protection level: IP67 Durability: >500 times
Working temperature: -40℃~80℃ Connecting mode: plug/unplug
Assembly wire:
Housing,the insulating parts: High performance engineering plastics
Hardware: Zinc alloy(pearl hard chromium) Copper needles: Copper alloy(gold-plated)
Waterproof circle: Silica gel Flammability rating: UL94-V0
Product introduction
1.Dual-channel fiber optic connection system with durable and dust-proof and water-proof.
2.Zinc shell with a hard shell and superior cable protect optical fiber.
3.Silicone tail clip coil diameter of the optical fiber can be divided into different holding fixed, high fastening strength and stability to reduce back tension, to avoid disruption of optical signal loss.
4.Pushing fastening system guarantee and ceramic fiber alignment pin axial and radial position precision positioning, ensure and another docking in needle plane elasticity close, completely eliminate the false docking, insertion loss is less than 0.3dB back loss of greater than 45.
5.The product life-cycle process continuation is high reliability, and self-cleaning process in exceptional circumstances, such as moisture, pollution, etc, user , low maintenance costs.
6.Protection level:IP67/IP68.
7.Pls indicate if you need the protection level more high.

Connection schemes

optical fiber connector

Installation dimensions figure
Optical fiber Connector
Optical fiber Connector
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Optical fiber Connector
Optical fiber Connector
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