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The Structure Design of LP-20

  Abstract: the connection of this waterproof connector is welding, matching cables with the specification of 2.5m┫~4m┫/14~12 AWG, using the button location to avoid wrong insertion of the plug and socket,with the advantages of waterproof,quick locked-unlocked and explosion prevention.


  With the development of technology, the equipment that work over the water or outdoor is demanded as waterproof,dust-proof. We call this connector as industrial connector. At the early stage, this connector was very expensive with less competition. To solve this problem, our company built up an R&D department, and invented many styles of this connector, LP-20 is one series of them. It has 7 size of various pins-2/3/4/5/7/9/12, following are its parameters:

(1)matching cable:Φ8mmΦ12mm

(2)Connection design:gold-plated grass pin connect by dislocation insert to enlarge the contact area;

(3)Work environment:-40℃80℃,Insulation resistance> 500MΩ, withstand voltage: 2500V * min

(4)Work current:the 2/3/4pins is 20A, the 5/7pins is 12A, the 9/12 pins is 5A;

Durability:>500 times


2.1 Structure Design

  The plug and socket design as the photo:

  The functions of main parts are as following:

(1)Housing/flange housing: made of high performance engineering plastics, well avoid the electricitys contact of pins, fixing and protecting the pins.

(2)Metal housing:steady the structure,anti-electromagnetic interference;

(3)Cable Sleeves:make sure the plus-cable,cable-socket are waterproof.

(5)waterproof ring: avoid water come into connection.

(6)Dentate nucleus:keep waterproof ring away from damage while screwing up.



2.2 the waterproof design for plug

There are three points need to be considered its waterproof seal: cable-connector, plug-socket,connector-cable.

(1)cable-connector will be covered a sleeve, which designed as inverted cone to fits the various cables,the waterproof ring is in the sleeve, prevent the cable away from the damage by screwing up the screw nut.

(2)Plug-socket:the connection is design as U, and waterproof ring is in its bottom,while the plug is inserting, the ring will attach the plug and socket tightly.


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