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What is the industrial plug ?

The connector also known as military industrial plug is the cable connectors, ranging from core number, size and diverse. But the basic are the metal shell, plugs and sockets are screw inserted deduction, connection, you can tighten the fixed and will not fall off. Now widely used in marine, aerospace, power and other fields, often used magnesium alloy shell material, durable.

Materials and features of Industrial plugs

1. Shell: waterproof plug sockets adopt imported high-quality plastic shell (nylon) manufactured under its normal use up to 90 ℃ deformation, -40 ℃ technical indicators do not change.

2. Plastic core:waterproof plugs and sockets series cores are made of fireproof plastic (nylon) material. Under normal circumstances the work temperature can be 120 ℃. In the flame test (850 ℃ glow wire), no visible flame and no sustained glow, tissue paper no fire, removed the glow wire after the flame is extinguished within 30 seconds, a glow eliminated.

3. Pin, insert set: high quality imports of copper, has a good patch function and anti-corrosion. Overcurrent, voltage have reached the national advanced level.

plug sockets

Protection Level of Industrial plug

Industrial plugs and sockets are generally divided into three kinds: IP44, IP55, IP67.

1.IP44: prevents the water hazard from all directions, Common industries: automation production equipment, packaging equipment, injection molding machine, stage lighting and sound, construction machinery, generators, power distribution cabinets, etc.

2.IP55: can be prevented with low-pressure water jet from all directions and prevent dust hazards. Common industries: automotive cleaning equipment, spraying equipment and so on.

3.IP67: 15cm or less can prevent immersion (soak for 30 minutes) and completely prevent the dangerous effects of dust. Common industries: mining machinery, outdoor playground transmission and distribution equipment.

Cnlinko - Professional manufacturer of industrial plugs and sockets

Cnlinko’s plugs and sockets are with stable performance and technical skills:

● Socket and internal components zinc alloy material
● Gold-plated contacts - high-strength corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity
● PBT material shell - stable electrical performance, high strength and resistance to pressure, high temperature resistance, anti-explosion, anti-corrosive
● Protection Level: IP65/IP67

Our products are widely used in a variety of challenging environments and situations, such as, LED screen industry and audio-visual equipment, stage lighting, LED lighting engineering, industrial automation equipment, electrical equipment, heavy industrial equipment and the other industry.

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