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President Quotations:

  "To do business such as people have a good value, to have the value of the existence of the value of the enterprise and the value of social contribution to the enterprise step by step to do a good job, and constantly enhance the value of the community products. Win-win is our life To allow customers, employees, enterprises to benefit from the world to make China 's brand recognition gradually deepened.Ling Branch will, as always, adhere to every step, continue to improve and enhance the contribution of social responsibility.

        Linko, deeply rooted in China's connector industry for more than ten years.As heaven maintains vigor through movement, a gentleman should constantly strive for self-perfection, Linko to walk at the international forefront of connector technology, excellent and stable quality Ling Ke brands at every corner of the world.

        Linko's brilliant performance is not easy, this is the majority of employees in the "Linko for me, I am Lingke" Lingke culture inspiration, adhere to the "responsibility cast value" to overcome difficulties, unity and struggle results, but also the community Care and support.

        Modern society competition era, enterprises in which the environment has undergone tremendous changes. In such a chase of fame and fortune society, thanks seems to have become a very distant thing. However, Linko people believe that a reason, that is, as long as you make due contributions to this society, the community will certainly give you the appropriate return. Every stage of the business is a new starting point, and in terms of social responsibility, we will make greater efforts to create greater value for society, customers, suppliers, employees and shareholders.
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