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After a decade of efforts, we have forged the industrial connector brand of “CNLINKO”. CNLINKO is equipped with professional lab examination room, streamlining standardized production streamline, engineering research team and strategic supply cooperative partners with world-known material brands. We research and produce power connectors, signal connectors, data connectors and wiring harness customization products, enjoying high reputation among the industry. 


Waterproof power connector recommended

LP series waterproof power connector is widely used in power equipment field for its flexible self locking, safe and stable, high class waterproof performance,. At the same time, LP has different materials and different color options, and can be equipped with different ways of installation. 2-19PIN multi-core optional also greatly meet your different power supply connection application requirements. More power waterproof connectors are recommended.

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Waterproof data connector recommended

DH series waterproof connectors, unlike other connectors, it uses a spiral locking device, effectively increase the stability of the product. Multicore DH connectors perform well in LED displays, industrial lighting, and stage lighting. More signal waterproof connectors are recommended.

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Waterproof data connector recommended

YU-USB series data connector, because of its plug and play, transmission speed, scalability, is widely used in industrial computers, digital cameras, scanners and other data transmission equipment. The rugged connection system provides a solution for data transmission in harsh environments.

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Cable gland ▪ Customized connector recommendations

cnlinko cable gland products are made of lightweight, advanced materials while providing cost-effective system solutions. Connector plug socket and harness combination, with better electrical performance.

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Product advantages

  • Diversity

    up to thousands of products, different series of different core design, in line with a variety of industrial needs.

  • Excellent

    Excellent quality, cnlinko products are to achieve excellence, after a number of process testing, in line with standards.

  • Personalized

    Can be customized, all products from cnlinko support personalized custom design, to provide you with professional customization program.

Industry application

Cnlinko Focus on research and development, production, sales of industrial waterproof connectors for 13 years, with dozens of waterproof connector patents and a number of international authoritative certification.


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